Shin-okubo International Hotel takes this opportunity to welcome you and to invite you to make full use of our facilities.Our accommodation and facilities are operated under rules similar to those of other hotels with international standards. The management requests that hotel guests kindly observe these rules and hopes that your stay with us will be an enjoyable one.Hotel rules are outlined in Article 6 of Provisions Governing Accommodation Agreements and are clarified for your convenience. The Hotel reserves the right, as per Article 11 of Agreement, to terminate a stay at the hotel in the event that any of the following rules are violated:

  1. Not to use the guest room for purposes other than sleeping, eating and drinking.
  2. Not to use guest room or hallway for cooking, ironing or heating.
  3. Not to attempt to open windows.
  4. Not to smoke in the hotel, only in smoking designated areas.
  5. Not to have your visitors use facilities of your room.
  6. Not to move furniture from fixed positions within the hotel and not to alter or rearrange the fixtures in the room without permission of hotel MGT.
  7. Not to bring into the hotel items such as
    • A. Animals and birds (except for seeing-eye dogs).
    • B. Offensive smelling items.
    • C. Bulky items.
    • D. Illegally-owned guns and swords.
    • E. Gasoline, explosives, inflammable items.
  8. Not to annoy other guests by making loud noise, not to gamble and commit any offense against public decency or public order in your room or in the hallways.
  9. Not to use the hotel for soliciting business of any type unless specially authorized.
  10. Not to leave your belongings in the lobby or the hallway at any time.
  11. Minors are not allowed to stay at this hotel without the consent of their parents or guardians.
  12. Please take care of your valuables by yourself. The management is not responsible for valuables lost in the Hotel.
  13. Articles left in care of the Hotel will be held at the facilities as follows; Cloak room: Up to one month.
  14. Articles left behind and unreported will be disposed by the hotel in accordance with established regulations.


  1. Lounge
    Microwave, computer, TV, DVD player and smoking room are available at the lounge. Guests can use them for free.
  2. Smoking room
    All guest rooms, lobby and lounge in the hotel are non-smoking. Please smoke in the designated 'smoking room'.
  3. Check-out time
    Please check-out before 10 a.m.
    (The extension of the checking-out time charge will be 1,000 yen per an hour.)
  4. Room Key
    When you are going out, please return the room key to the front desk.
  5. Coin laundry
    Coin laundry is located on the 1st floor.
  6. Common bathroom
    Shower room is available in every guest room. While a common bathroom is located on the 1st floor. Please contact the front desk if you would like to use it.
  7. Pajama rental service
    Pajama rental service is available at the front desk. The rental fee is JPY200 for one piece.
  8. Valuables
    Please take care of your valuables by yourself. The management is not responsible for valuables lost in the Hotel.
  9. Entrance security
    The guest who returns to the hotel from 12a.m. to 6a.m., has to use the interphone near the entrance, and our staff will open door for you.

    The outsiders cannot enter into this hotel other than the guests. Friends of this hotel’s guest may stay at the lounge.
  10. Others
    Comb, shaving kit and shower cap are available at the front desk at free of charge. Please take it if necessary.

Shin-Okubo International Hotel