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Shin-Okubo City Hotel


1. Purpose

License Academy Co., Ltd. distributes multifaceted information collected from global view points, utilizing a variety of guidance/events, internet, information publications and newspapers and provides opportunities to meet others, which contributes in enhancing individual life. Since having handled a large volume of private information involving customers and employees due to the nature of our business and having realized the importance of social responsibilities concerning the protection of personal information, License Academy has established this policy and continues to protect personal information.

2. Obtaining personal information

  1. When License Academy obtains personal information,
    • (1) Information to be obtained shall be within a scope required for a specific purpose.
    • (2) Information shall be obtained legally and in a righteous manner.
    • (3) The purpose or objective shall be clearly explained and prior consent shall be obtained accordingly.

3. Use of personal information

Personal information obtained by License Academy shall be limited to a range agreed by a customer him/herself. Unless otherwise stipulated in laws/acts, information shall not be disclosed/provided to a third party without prior consent from a member him/herself.

4. Administration of personal information

License Academy shall observe laws/acts concerning personal information and other relevant rules and regulations at all times.

5. Compliance with laws/acts

License Academy shall observe laws/acts concerning personal information and other relevant rules and regulations at all times.

6. Continual improvement

License Academy shall continue to improve its management system for protecting personal information.

7. Complaints and consultation Counter

For any consultation and/or complaints regarding the personal information obtained by License Academy and/or the management system for protecting personal information of License Academy, kindly contact us at:

Personal Information Protection Management Office License Academy Co., Ltd.
Phone:03-5925-1643 Open:10:00-17:00 Monday~Friday(Saturdays, Sundays, holidays excluded)

  • Established: May 15, 2006
  • Revised: March 10, 2008
  • Revised: October 5, 2010
  • Revised: October 15, 2012
  • Revised: August 26, 2014
  • Revised: September 13, 2021

Yasunori Shirota CEO
License Academy Co., Ltd.

2. Obtaining personal information

License Academy Co., Ltd (hereinafter called “The Company”) which operates Shin-Okubo City Hotel (hereinafter called “The Hotel”) shall respect the privacy of its guests and take particular cares on administering the personal information (subject to the following definitions) of its customers when handling it.

1. Definitions

Personal information shall be defined as information concerning a customer including names, addresses, phone numbers, mail addresses and other information that identifies the customer. Information that may not identify the customer by itself but still may identify by cross-checking with other information shall be included in personal information.

2. Purpose of usage

  1. Personal information shall be used for the purposes stated below. It shall not be used for any other purpose.
    • (1) Accommodation booking.
    • (2) Guidance for new services.
    • (3) Administrative management for a facility user.
    • (4) Preparation for statistical information.
    • (5) Feedback concerning the hotel and responses to inquiries.

3. Use of personal information

Personal information obtained by License Academy shall be limited to a range agreed by a customer him/herself. Unless otherwise stipulated in laws/acts, information shall not be disclosed/provided to a third party without prior consent from a member him/herself.

4. Provision of personal information to a third party

    The Company shall not provide personal information generally to any third party without obtaining consent from a customer. Information may be provided to a third party when the third party and contents to be provided are specified, and consent is obtained from a customer. However, personal information may be provided without obtaining consent from a customer without violating relevant laws/acts in the following cases.
    • (1) When laws/acts require
    • (2) When a life, a physical body and/or assets need to be protected but consent cannot be obtained
    • (3) When the improvement of public hygiene and/or the sound development of children is required but consent cannot be obtained from a customer.
    • (4) When the governmental organization, a local government or an organization outsourced by the said government requests cooperation so that legal work can be executed but difficulty may arise in conducting the said legal work if consent from a customer is obtained.
    • (5) When a part or whole of operation/work handling personal information is outsourced within a required scope for a purpose of completing the usage purpose.
    • (6) When personal information is provided as a result of merger or other reasons required for the succession of business, and the said personal information is handled within a scope of the usage purpose.

5. Outsource of personal information processing work

License Academy may outsource a part or the whole of operation/work handling personal information. The safe administration of the said operation/work at an outsourcee’s office shall be monitored appropriately and as necessary under the “Confidentiality Agreement on the handling of Personal Information”.

6. Utilization of statistically processed data

The Company may prepare statistical data processed in a way that an individual cannot be specified, on a basis of personal information provided. Any statistical data that cannot specify an individual may be utilized by License Academy with no limit.

7. Requests for "Disclosure" or "Correction" of Retained Personal Data or Records Provided to Third Parties

    With respect to retained personal data or records provided to third parties, we will respond to requests for disclosure, modification(correction, addition, or deletion of content), or suspension of use (suspension or deletion of use, suspension of provision to third parties) from the user himself/herself or his/her representative.
  1. Documents to be submitted when requesting for disclosureContac by phone when requesting disclosure (Contact Here). Documents required for request shall be explained over phone.
  2. Verification of a customer is required when requesting disclosure Name, address, phone numbers.
  3. Reply to requested disclosure Reply shall be given in writing to an address stated on an application form. Specify a reply method when applying for disclosure if reply is preferred in a manner other than in writing.
  4. Reasons for nondisclosure. Nondisclosure shall be applied in the following cases. Once nondisclosure is decided, a decision and reason(s) shall be notified.
    • (1) When a customer cannot be identified due to some inconsistencies including unmatched addresses between an application and registration.
    • (2) When a proxy cannot be verified in case that an agent applies.
    • (3) When designated documents are incomplete.
    • (4) When subject to disclosure requested does not correspond to the disclosure of personal information.
    • (5) When the life, body, assets and/or other rights/benefits can be damaged.
    • (6) When the business/duties of the Company may be seriously disturbed.
    • (7) When other laws/acts are violated.

8. Claim and Consultation Counter.

The Company shall handle any complaints, consultation and other inquiries appropriately and without delay. Contact us by phone for complaints, consultation and/or other inquiries regarding personal information.(Contact Here

9. Accuracy of personal information

The Company shall accurately process data concerning personal information provide. However, a customer shall be responsible for the accuracy and update of personal information provided.

10. Limit in obtaining subtle personal information

    The Company shall generally not obtain personal information which contains the following contents.
    • (1) Issues regarding thoughts, beliefs and religions.
    • (2) Issues on races, ethnic groups, lineages, registered domiciles (excluding information on residential addresses), physical/mental disorders, criminal records and other issues which may cause social discrimination.
    • (3) Issues on the rights to organize, collective bargaining and other organized activities by workers.
    • (4) Issues on participation in collective industrial actions, the exercise of the right of petition and other political rights.
    • (5) Issues on healthcare or sex life.

11. Administration of personal information

The Company strives to execute appropriate security measures in order to prevent loss, abuse and/or modification of personal information under the administration of the Company. The personal information is stored under the safe environments not accessible by general customers.

12. Identity verification

The Company verifies a customer by using identifiable information (name, address, phone number) when a customer uses the Hotel services or when a customer requests disclosure, correction, deletion or suspension of use of personal information. However, the Company shall not be liable when a person other than a customer obtains and uses identifiable information.

13. Change in the privacy policy

License Academy Co., Ltd. may change the privacy policy at any time unless otherwise stipulated in laws/acts.

14. Privacy Officer

Head of the Personal Information Protection Management Office Shall be in charge of and responsible for controlling the personal information possessed by License Academy Co., Ltd.
Contact phone number:03-5925-1643 (License Academy Co., Ltd.)

15. Inquiry on personal information(disclosure/correction/claims/consultations)

For any inquiry regarding the personal information of a customer, please contact

Reception desk staff, Shin-Okubo City Hotel
Phone: 03-5287-6061
Available 24 hours (However, non-business days are excluded).






Yasunori Shirota CEO
License Academy Co., Ltd.





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