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  1. 杜绝客房除了住宿以及用餐之外的目的使用。
  2. 请勿在宾馆内的客房或走廊等地使用如电熨斗、供暖设备以及烹调器具等加热器具。
  3. 请勿随意打开已锁好的窗户。
  4. 除特定的「吸烟室」外,本宾馆全馆禁烟。请勿于「吸烟室」以外的地方吸烟。特别是请勿在客房及客房的床上吸烟。
  5. 未经本宾馆同意,请勿招揽非本宾馆住宿宾客进入客房或使用本宾馆设备及物品。
  6. 请勿擅自移动馆内或客房内摆放的设备,未经允许不可做任何加工或改动。
  7. 请勿携带以下物品进入本宾馆。
    • A.宠物、鸟禽类等(导盲犬除外)
    • B.有刺激性气味的物品
    • C.数量超出常识范围的物品
    • D.无许可证的武器及刃器等有杀伤性物品
    • E.易燃易爆的火药、挥发性汽油类危险品
  8. 为了能够让每一位入住本宾馆的客人得到很好的休息,请避免发出大声喧嚷、高声唱歌等噪音。严禁在宾馆内进行赌博、扰乱社会风气的行为以及会打扰他人的行为。
  9. 未经同意,禁止在本宾馆内进行向其他客人发放广告宣传品或贩卖物品等推销活动。
  10. 请不要随意把携带物品放置走廊或大厅等公用的地方。
  11. 未成年者无父母或监护人的特别许可,本宾馆将不予接待。
  12. 请自行妥善保管现金和贵重物品。若在宾馆内(包含客房内)发生丢失或盗窃,本宾馆一律不负赔偿责任。
  13. 本宾馆各部门设有代为寄存物品的相关保管责任规定。行李寄存房的保管期间为1个月。
  14. 对于遗失和遗忘的物品,将依据相关法律规定进行处理。


  1. Check-out time
    Check-in is after 16:00, check-out is until 10:00.
  2. Room Key
    When you are going out, please return the room key to the front desk.
  3. Smoking area
    All guest rooms, lobby and lounge in the hotel are non-smoking. Please smoke in the designated ‘smoking space’ outside of the front door.
  4. Internet
    Wi-Fi can be used in the guest rooms at no charge as well as an internet cable. There is a PC for guests and Wi-Fi connection is available in the lounge room on the 4th floor.
  5. Change of Linen and Towels
    We change bath towels every day.
    As we participate in and support an eco-friendly environment, we change our blanket covers, pillow covers and sheets once every three nights (on the forth day)  However, if you prefer having sheets and covers changed earlier, please do not hesitate to inform the staff.We clean the guest rooms between 10:00 and 15:00. In case that we are unable to go into your room during the hours of cleaning, we will only change your towels and bath amenities upon your request.
  6. Pajama rental service
    Pajama rental service is available at the front desk. The rental fee is JPY200 for one piece.
  7. Valuables
    Please take care of your valuables by yourself. The management is not responsible for valuables lost in the Hotel.
  8. No Admission by visitors
    For a security reason, we do not accept the admission of visitors who are not the staying guest of this hotel.


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